serves South Carolina from the midlands area. For more information contact:

Mary Williams
PO Box 3545
Columbia, SC 29230-3545

Thank you for inquiring about our rescued Golden Retrievers. All of our Goldens are purebred. Only rarely, will we take in a Golden mix. Our Goldens have been either abandoned, abused, neglected, found roaming, found at the shelters, or have been voluntarily turned in. In many cases they have suffered several of the above fates. When turned in, all dogs are returned to health. They are spayed or neutered, given all inoculations, checked for heartworms, placed on heartworm preventative, checked for parasitic worms and if necessary, cleared of the worms. Behavior rehabilitation is begun as necessary. Our adoption fee is $300.00 which covers the majority (in most cases) of the veterinary bill.

We then place our dogs in loving adoptive homes. Our goal is to do what we can to guarantee happy endings for these wonderful dogs that have had a rough beginning therefore there are prerequisites for adoption. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions regarding the necessary requirements.

Also, we are always in need of loving foster homes to house our rescues until a permanent home is found. Often our ability to rescue a Golden depends on whether we have a place to keep them. You may want to consider being a foster home.

Our funds to help these dogs are primarily derived from donations. At this time we are not tax-deductible. This does hurt us a bit. Incorporation is also a goal for the near future. However, at this point, the few extra dollars we manage to scrape together are better spent directly on the dogs. Please consider making a donation to the Rescue. We will gratefully accept any amount.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your interest in our program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.